WHISKEY came to change the fundamentals and the meaning of what is called "true work" at the unexplored fields of web. We provide you the "keys", using our power, intelligence and creativity, which stems through our experience and clairvoyance.



WHISKEY came to change the fundamentals and the meaning of what is called "true work" at the unexplored fields of web. We provide you the "keys", using our power, intelligence and creativity, which stems through our experience and clairvoyance. If you are ready to confront with our sincerity and fresh views, eager to enjoy your experience from our services, then we would be thankful to inform you that you are placed in the right way. Just like you drink an old, but still spirited, malt.
  • Strategy Service STRATEGY

    Creativity. Adaptability. Professionalism. At WHISKEY we tend to use our vision along with creative and innovative ideas before we perform on our given sources. Our work agenda is based on a combination of brainstorming and precisive movements on the field of Web solutions, programming and social media enhancement.
  • Development Service WEB DEVELOPMENT

    We have skills and abilities to perform in any circumstances, with any given tools to our weaponry. Usually, we attend problems with style, because our experience is far beyond the line of sight.
    We cope at malfunctions in the same -easy and smooth- way we prepare our, bread and butter, putting a small biscuit on the side. Armed with the latest technology, we have the best tools available to cope with any problem and fulfill the majority of your commands.
  • Design Service DESIGN

    As you have may be noticed, our agenda, seems quite professional but, in matters of design we are not afraid to try -and even mix- classic and modern patterns.
    When it comes to design, we tend to care about every detail. The whole story is involving to our eyes just like a jigsaw. Every little piece is placed in the right place in order to make something colossal.
  • Content Service CONTENT

    At WHISKEY we choose to enhance all these values which reflect our customers needs as about Web solutions. Our difference is the variety of ways and styles we tend to use in order to communicate and cooperate with anyone Who trusts and pinpoints WHISKEY's advice as their choices for succession.
  • Consulting Service CONSULTING

    We are glad to inform you that WHISKEY has a fair share of creative and well equipped minds. Our guys and girls will always be available to listen and deeply investigate your thoughts and questions about specific problems or concerns.
Our Services
  • TA NEA

    WHISKEY involved into redesignation and development of Greek media powerhouse "ΤΑ ΝΕΑ". Our contribution to this project is one of our most highlighted projects.
    • Tanea.gr Mockups
    • Tanea.gr Mockups
  • ENGLAND365

    WHISKEY tends to follow it's passions and delicate football is one of our inspirations. Thats why we involved at redesignation of "England365", the most completed website about Premier League and our beloved English football.
    • England365 Mockups
    • England365 Mockups
  • ROXX

    As it comes with entertainment, WHISKEY has already placed it's mark at this field. The creation of "Roxx" was a challenge for us but in the end, we are quite pleased to offer you a sparky and high-volumed choice. Just like a heavy metal concert!
    • Roxx Mockups
    • Roxx Mockups

    At WHISKEY we are always in mood to enjoy life in all of it's aspects, such like food. With sincerity, we have tried to promote the best choice in town, as enjoying a delicate burger at "Λορδος"
    • Lordos Mockups
    • Lordos Mockups

    WHISKEY tends to follow the "classy" paths of modern lifestyle but is also concerned about the greatest meanings of our lives. Thats why we involved in "Redirect Project" which founded to bring up cautious messages about our future on planet Earth.
    • redirect Mockups
    • redirect Mockups

    Sports betting brings adrenaline rush but mostly, offers fun to everyone is involved. WHISKEY applauses safe and professional betting by involving into the development of "Betstreet". A place in which everyone would find the right tip for todays schedule.
    • Betstreet Mockups
    • Betstreet Mockups

    WHISKEY's constantly searching about fast-paced and highly growing projects. Thats why we take on the redesignation of "Pagenews", a news portal which is currently on the way to place it's firm between media powerhouses of Greece
    • Pagenews Mockups
    • Pagenews Mockups

    Art is a definite sign of quality lifestyle. Our will is to support with passion and promote every action which points out the joy of art. Our involvement in "Στούντιο Μαυρομιχάλη" was our contribution to all these dreams about quality.
    • Mavromixali Mockups
    • Mavromixali Mockups


We tend to receive all these signals that come from everyday influences, such as art. WHISKEY tries to create a whole new web world, based on class and grooviness. Our agenda has many choices, with a touch of "unexpected" elements, as you may find in a classic novel or in a post rock album.
Arctic Monkeys
The Barkbook
Border To Death
Pink Floyd
Adaptive Web Design
Bill Murray
Diamons are forever
Totti 10
The Oatmeal
The Atlantic
Rock and Roll
National Geographic
Inspiration Mood
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